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All Premium Mixes are $299. The MyersMix (smaller dose) is $225

No hidden charges. Our proprietary products are based on premium
formulas that already contain the mix others are charging extra for.


Boost your immunity.

Our take on the classic Myers cocktail, this mix is known to boost immunity, rapidly hydrate and help you recover from illness and dehydration!


Tame your appetite.

The perfect mix to help you reach and maintain your goal weight! This formula contains energy boosting B-12, Taurine and a special blend of vitamins and minerals to keep you active and healthy.


Recover from hangovers.

Revive yourself with this mix of B12, Magnesium and Zofran - everything you need to bounce back from that hangover and feel human again!


Knock out that migraine.

Knock out that migraine with this mix featuring B Complex, Magnesium and Toradol - proven to help you get back to thinking clearly!


Perform your best.

The ideal addition to your fitness routine, this mix of B12, L-Carnitine and Taurine will boost your performance and have you on your way to first place in no time!


Regain youthful vitality.

Regain the vitality of your youth with this mix of Biotin, Glutathiaone and Vitamin C - Perfect for restoring that youthful glow to your skin while also strengthening your hair and nails!

Get Your MIX